Bruce Wilcox’s Go Dojo : Sector Fights

Sector Fights are battles over containment, be it of a potential territory or a weak group. Sector Fights happen throughout the opening and midgame and their results are crucial.

This 1900 page Dojo installment is primarily about strategy. It supplies tactics as needed (which is often), but that is not its goal. Sector Fights includes: a thorough training in sector lines, attack and defense of groups, attack and defense of potential territory, and the partial and whole board strategies involving interrelations among sectors, including the Great Wall Opening. There are many thoroughly commented games. It is about the length of 7 Go books and helps make sense out of the contents of many of the books already out there by providing you with a proper theoretic context.

The Dojo is a computerized interactive tutorial targeting four groups of students:

Squirm with the Abysmals (to 20 kyu) as you realize fundamentals you’ve never grasped
Commit with the Acolytes (to 10 kyu) to acquire the rules of good play
Study with the Ascendents (to 1 dan) to hone the skills you need to progress
Marvel with the Adepts (to professional) at the advanced thinking of master strategists


This screenshot is of the version suitable for smaller monitors with the text window shrunk.

The board size is adjustable. Fonts and font sizing are completely customizable.


Each level covers how to see the board and what rules to follow. There are interactive tests to confirm you understand the rules and a printable crib sheet to glance at as you take ‘live action testing’of your understanding in whole board games. You play along with the original players - guessing the correct move for your level of understanding and seeing where the original players got it right or so very wrong. Should you get it wrong, Dojo reminds you which rule you’re breaking and lets you try again until you get it right.

Also included is Kogo's Joseki Dictionary ( for studying joseki.


Wilcox’s Go Dojo: Sector Fights (Windows/WINE only) is available o via email

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Quotes from users:

"You did an excellent job with Sector fights. Even the light-saber sound effects add to the teaching of sector lines. " JA

"Not many (if any) go books/programs manage to combine readability with useful information as you have done here. Pleasure to read and I feel that I am learning something at the same time. Excellent work. " DC

"I get the impression that many Go books nowadays are like many cookery books: they are not really intended to instruct... This is not Wilcox's aim at all. He wants to convey concepts, ensure that they are correctly grasped, and show how to apply them. He does this patiently, with plenty of examples and tests. " NW (1-dan)

"I found Contact fights really useful and wondered whether Sector Fights would be as useful. Actually, to my surprise I found Sector Fights is probably even better than Contact Fights. " a KGS 7k