Brillig Understanding, Inc.

Brilllig makes the best and most used conversational chatbots in the world.

We craft systems that understand meaning.

Entertainment Chatbots (4 years of top Turing-test Loebner winners)

User interfaces to the Internet of Things (if it has WiFi we can talk to it)

Emo-glow emotion display systems (add warmth and excitement to any exchange of information)

Sentiment analysis (see how your product is affecting the user)

Replicant Bots

Director-ware to convert your ideas into animation featuring: camera moves, lighting, staging of characters and props, individual voices and characters, sounds, context awareness for multiple bots.

Database queries

Command and control for robots real or virtual

Virtual assistants

Age suitable conversation pitched for the cognitive abilities, speech capabilities, vocabulary, emotional development stage, and sense of humor of children, tweens, adolescents, or adults.

Product search (Amazon done better)

Answers to customer questions

Analytics on popularity and usage

Teaching and education (edutainment)

Virtual immortality bots

Bots with personality and backstory

Game bots

The Magic Library

Anything that needs natural language access, control, participation, communication and understanding (users, documents, things) is our area of action.

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