Brillig Understanding, Inc.

Client Projects

Suzette: for Avatar Reality - (web)

Ben: for SpeakGlobal - (web)

K9: for AISoy - (embedded)

- a personality for a cute dog robot, K9, that responds to voice commands

Sensory, Inc. - (embedded)

Our Private Projects

Rozette/Rose – (stand-alone/web)

Amazon Search - (web)

Other ChatScript Projects supported

Virtual Patient - OSU - (web)

- virtual patient for doctor training in taking a medical history

Dun&BradStreet Interface - (web)

- natural Language interface to a financial database to pull information

Chatty AddieInfAspire – (mobile)

- a little girl virtual companion for 4-8 year olds

MegSpeakGlobal – (web/mobile)

- a beginner level bot for conversational ESL practice

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