Brillig Understanding, Inc.

Bruce Wilcox, CEO

At the forefront of AI research for many decades Bruce is an engineer who loves a good challenge.

He is the author of ChatScript, the dominant Natural Language open-source platform.

Wikipedia entry Resume

Sue Wilcox, VP Content

A psychologist, artist, and computer scientist who creates human character simulations.

Speaker at conferences on Artificial Life and Avatars, she is the author of “The Web Developers Guide to 3D Avatars” from Wiley & Sons.


Favored Business Links that use ChatScript:

Connecting users with affordable professional services: JustAnswer

Enterprise bot hosting platform: Kore.AI

Open Source Platform for bot components

Our colleagues in car automation: SapientX

Entertainment experiences: Hexagram.IO

Conversational avatars: Botanic.IO

UK-based Education and Infotainment: Elzware Ltd.

Favored Personal Links:

The basis of all we eat are the nourishing traditions of Weston A Price

Weston A Price Foundation (nutrition education)

The inspiration for our company name

Jabberwocky Poem

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