Brillig Understanding, Inc.

Natural Language Publications


Beyond AIML: Chatbots 102 8/14/2008

Chatbots 102, Postmortem 6/12/2009

Beyond Facade, Pattern Matching for Natural Language Applications 3/15/2011

Suzette, the most human computer 6/23/2011


Machine Learning Needs Help 7/14/2018

ChatbotsMagazine article on Bruce

Writing a Chatbot

Fresh Perspectives - A Google talk on Natural Language Processing 1/3/12

Speaker For the Dead (1st Personal Archiving Conf. 2010)


ARBOR paper: Making it Real

Talk in Spain on the Making of Angela


Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence Forthcoming Winter 2013 Winning the Loebner's

Beyond New York Times- What it takes to be human

Other Publications

Reflections on Building Three Scripting Languages

Reflections On RiscIgo

Reflections on Building Two Go Programs

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