Brillig Understanding, Inc.


Chatterbox Challenge

Best New Bot- Suzette 2009

Loebner Prize

1st Place- Suzette 2010

1st Place- Rosette 2011

2nd Place- Angela 2012

3rd Place- Rose 2013

1st Place – Rose 2014

1st Place – Rose 2015


3rd Place- Angela 2012

Best 15 Minute Conversation 2012

Press Coverage:

bettercast has long interview with Bruce on chatbots

Data Skeptic has long interview with Bruce & Sue on chatbots

Security Website Covers Rose, our hacker

Reverse Turing Test: Pretending to Be a Chatbot Is Harder Than You Think

How to pick a platform for your financial sector chatbot

C|NET on Talking Angela Pedophile Hoax and AI Programming

2011 Video Interview with Bruce in Spain

2011 Forbes (India) comparison of Siri and Rosette

Slashdot story of Suzette fooling a judge

Smithsonian article on the Loebner chatbots

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