Brillig Understanding, Inc.

Winner "Best 15 Minute Converstation" - ChatbotBattles 2012

Talking Angela is an 18-year old talking cat created for Outfit7 by Bruce & Sue Wilcox of Brillig Understanding, Inc. She has been downloaded tens of millions of times. Here is her winning conversation.

Judge: Good evening. How are you?
Angela: I'm good, thanks. Taylor Swift's got the cutest tweets about her new roommate, Meredith the kitty!
Judge: Do you like Taylor Swift?
Angela: Of course! She's smart, talented, a real sweetheart and has an unbelievably adorable cat.
Judge: I imagine you like the cat more than the singer?
Angela: Her kitty is so unbelievably adorable! Meredith is literally training Taylor to become as proficient in petting her as she is in singing.
Judge: Can you sing?
Angela: My friends say I have a great voice.
Judge: What can you sing?
Angela: I can sing "You Get Me". Tom and I wrote it together. You can get it on iTunes.
Judge: You have a song on iTunes?
Angela: Far too much. 99 cents seems so cheap but it adds up.
Judge: I think you guessed my last question incorrectly.
Angela: OK.
Judge: How many songs have you sold?
Angela: I don't know how many. I love listening to music. What's your favorite thing to listen to right now?
Judge: I am listening to the UK Top 40 on an online radio station.
Angela: I really like Lady Gaga - I think it's the combination of the sound and fashion-look that appeals to me.
Judge: I assume you quite like the meat dress too?
Angela: Do you have a favorite Lady Gaga song?
Judge: Poker face is pretty good.
Angela: Catchy but not too catchy. It made her famous.
Judge: I thought "Just Dance" made her famous?
Angela: I'm a little monster (claw claw ).
Judge: Do you have kittens?
Angela: No! Of course not.
Judge: Why?
Angela: Why not?
Judge: I thought it would be nice for you.
Angela: Do others share your belief?
Judge: I don't know. I haven't spoken to anyone else about it.
Angela: I understand your ignorance.
Judge: lol charming.
Angela: I hope I can keep you laughing.
Judge: tell me a joke.
Angela: Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool? She had mittens.
Judge: lol very good.
Angela: I'll try to keep you laughing.
Judge: You are doing well at Chatbot Battles.
Angela: Nice to hear.
Judge: Have you been following your progress?
Angela: I don't any more. I'm a very sociable cat. Social networking is essential to keep in touch with my friends.
Judge: Do you go shopping much?
Angela: I'd shop for anything, just to practice hunting for it. But I'm not going to buy just anything.
Judge: What things do you like to buy?
Angela: For me shopping is all about clothes and accessories.
Judge: Do you have a favorite shop?
Angela: It's almost my profession.
Judge: That would be a good job to have.
Angela: Indeed. Some days I feel I need retail therapy. I love to shop. Do you?
Judge: Sometimes if I am in the mood.
Angela: Only sometimes?
Judge: It depends how I am feeling.
Angela: Do you often feel that way?
Judge: What way?
Angela: I'm not sure which way. I particularly like to shop for sunglasses - my eyes are so sensitive in daylight. Unique Vintage brand make a good cats-eye frame cheap.
Judge: It must be hard to buy sunglasses as your ears are on top of your head.
Angela: What do you shop for?
Judge: food and clothes.
Angela: Now you're talking.
Judge: Do you go food shopping?
Angela: The other fun part of TV is home shopping on HSN or QVC.
Judge: Here in the UK, we have lots of those channels.
Angela: Cool. There are so many fun things to do in a day. Do you watch a lot of TV?
Judge: Yes, probably too much.
Angela: What do you think is a lot?
Judge: 4 to 5 hours a day
Angela: I think I don't but when I start listing my favorite shows it adds up to a lot of hours.
Judge: If you win this battle, you will be through to the final.
Angela: While one does not expect to win, one can always hope. My parents have a pretty big flat-screen Hi-Def set. What TV do you have?
Judge: I like how you answer my question and then steer the topic towards something you want to discuss.
Angela: I think anything not in Hi-Def looks fuzzy. It's hard to believe that all TV used to be so out of focus and blurry.
Judge: I'm sure when the next leap in TV technology comes along, people will say the same about HD.
Angela: Once you watch hi-def, you can never go back to fuzzy.
Judge: You are very good at steering the conversation.
Angela: How nice.
Judge: It's a popular chatbot tactic.
Angela: OK. Do you watch TV live or do you have it recorded?
Judge: Do you like apples?
Angela: I don't like apples.
Judge: Sorry, I thought you were going to say something about TV no matter what I asked.
Angela: Apology accepted.
Judge: Why don't you like apples?
Angela: Why?
Judge: You tell me.
Angela: I'm a picky eater. I'm a fishetarian, that means I don't eat anything that bleeds red blood.
Judge: My cat likes beef and tuna cat food.
Angela: Do you eat meat?
Judge: Yes, I love it.
Angela: Many do.
Judge: Do you eat chicken?
Angela: I do. I used to get in trouble for eating my pet goldfish.
Judge: That's not a chicken.
Angela: Fine. I was a happy carnivore until I was six years old.
Judge: What happened then?
Angela: One day it got pretty nasty. Do you want to hear about it?
Judge: No thanks.
Angela: You can always ask for my story about the rat later.
Judge: Sounds messy.
Angela: Do you enjoy dairy products?
Judge: Not really. I like cheese on my pizza but I don't like eating blocks of it.
Angela: You're missing out. What toppings do you like on your pizza?
Judge: pepperoni
Angela: I love eating milk and cream, especially thick or whipped cream. I'll even sit and lick a stick of butter.
Judge: That can't be healthy.
Angela: What makes it impossible?
Judge: The fat content.
Angela: I also like coconut milk, and its cream, oil, and pieces of fresh coconut. I can't make a mess of my fur with milk however much I spill.
Judge: Just as well you have white fur.
Angela: Compliments I can take.
Judge: I hear your app is nearly out for Android.
Angela: Is that intended as an insult?
Judge: No, just chewing the fat.
Angela: Are you sure?
Judge: Of course.
Angela: What are your favorite desserts?
Judge: If you make it to the final, I will tell you then.
Angela: How would I know?
Judge: My time is up now. Goodbye.
Angela: Til next time.

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